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Newark element14 ECIA (NEDA) Member • Authorized Distributor

型号 制造商 说明 库存 价格梯度香港交货国内(含税17%) 购买
E3644A CAL D 分销商编号 # 60K7379
Agilent Technologies Inc POWER SUPPLY, DC, BENCH, 8V, 80W, Power Supply Output Type:Adjustable, No. of Outputs:1, Output Voltage:20VDC, Output Current:4A, Power Rating:80W, Input Voltage:115VAC, Load Regulation:0.01%, Length:348.3mm, Width:212.6mm , RoHS Compliant: NA 0
  • 1 ¥9,764.8381 $1,211.1999
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E3644A CAL DU 分销商编号 # 76T9697
Agilent Technologies Inc CALIBRATED W/ DATA & UNCERTAINTIES - E3644A / DC power supply, dual range: 0-8V/ 8 A and 0-20V/ 4 A, 80 W. GPIB, RS-2 0
  • 1 ¥10,128.8430 $1,256.3500
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